A couple of quick disclaimers regarding information on this blog:

1) The opinions I share on this blog are mine alone, and do not represent those of my past or current employer (who I have not named here).

2) The analysis I present on this blog has not been peer-reviewed (unless otherwise noted), and should generally be considered back-of-the-envelope data explorations intended to promote discussion, not rigorous scientific analysis. I will, however, cite original data sources and explain assumptions and reasoning as much as possible, in case others want to verify my analysis and/or take it further.

Please feel free to link to or cite information on this blog, but if you do I ask that you stay mindful of the above two points.

If you have any questions, please contact me at livefrombeijing at gmail dot com.

2 Responses to “disclaimers”

  1. Tan says:

    Thanks for the informative blog. Great work!

  2. Seunghwan HWANG (Mr) says:

    It was helpful with the great synthesis !
    May I have more information regarding matters in discussion recently, Euro 5 and FC phase 3 and so on ?

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