xinhua reports on beijing’s “fog”

Xinhua reported yesterday afternoon on the “heavy fog” enshrouding Beijing the last few days (English link, Chinese link). The extreme pollution is mentioned only tangentially as a side effect of the fog:

BEIJING, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) — Major highways to Beijing have been closed as the capital and neighboring Hebei Province and Tianjin Municipality were shrouded in dense fog on Saturday…

The city’s environmental protection bureau said that the fog, which has dominated Beijing since Friday, deteriorated the city’s air quality.

Beijing recorded “serious pollution” Saturday, which was rare during this year, according to a bulletin issued by the China Environmental Monitoring Center.

The Chinese version of the story has slightly more information, mentioning that the specific weather conditions are unfavorable to pollution dispersion. I don’t doubt that the current weather (including, probably, some real fog), are contributing to the high pollution levels. Regardless, the city should do a better job warning its citizens of dangerous pollution conditions, no matter what the cause.

The BeijingAir Twitter feed has been reporting hazardous air for over 40 straight hours now…

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