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updated chinese government map with color-coding

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

I have just completed an update to the Chinese Government Map for National Energy and Environmental Policy. In addition to adding a few more institutions, based on a suggestion from the WRI’s Debbi Seligsohn, I also attempted to color-code the map based on institution category. For now, I have differentiated by four categories: government bodies (e.g. institutions whose employees are considered government officials (and whose websites end in, government-affiliated supporting researching institutions (zhishu or shiye danwei 直属 or 事业单位), government-affiliated institutions directly under the State Council (国务院直属事业单位 – maybe you could call these super 事业单位?), and State-Owned Enterprises.

Both the term and the concept of shiye danwei 事业单位 are difficult to translate into English. I have heard them described as “government-affiliated,” “pseudo-government,” and “quasi-government;” they are supporting institutions / think thanks that carry out basic scientific research, policy development and drafting, economic scenario analysis, etc., and may or may not have some regulatory authority (for example, to issue compliance certificates). When and if I can determine a further classification system for China’s many shiye danweis, I will update the map accordingly.

updated standards page and new fuel quality standard for guangdong

Monday, July 12th, 2010


Graduate school has prevented me from posting much over the last few months, but with classes now over I hope to play catch up and begin to post more regularly again.

For starters, I updated the links on the standards page of this blog; this includes fixing broken links and adding a few new ones.

Perhaps most notable is the addition of new fuel quality standards for all of Guangdong province. The new standards, called Guangdong IV (“粤IV”), apply to both gasoline and diesel, and took effect on 6/1/10. The standards call for maximum of 50 ppm sulfur level for both gasoline and diesel. Lowering sulfur levels in fuel, especially diesel fuel, is a critical step towards the introduction of the cleanest vehicle technologies. I will post separately on this. In the meantime, here are links to the standards (Chinese): Guangdong IV gasoline - DB44/ 694-2009; Guangdong IV diesel - DB44/ 695-2009.