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location of hourly air quality monitors in Beijing

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Last week, the China National Environmental Monitoring Center (CNEMC) began hourly air quality reporting in 113 cities in China. (Previous posts here and here.) Data for individual monitoring stations are reported, although there are only 12 monitoring stations listed for Beijing. This is in contrast to the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau, which lists 28 stations. According to my understanding, the CNEMC data that are reported are from monitoring stations part of a national network, as opposed to stations locally set up and administered by the Beijing EPB.

Of the 12 stations reported by CNEMC, 8 are in the city itself, 2 are in Changping, 1 is in Huairou, and 1 is in Shunyi. The maps on the CNEMC reporting website are terrible, and extremely difficult to navigate, but I was able to zoom in this far, which shows the 8 locations in Beijing City. I’ve highlighted the two stations closest to the US Embassy:

monitor locs
You can mouse-over the station to get that hour’s reading. Detailed comparisons of CNEMC to US Embassy results in a separate post to come, but just for one quick result: the CNEMC Agricultural Exhibition Center (农展馆) station is currently reading 285 ug/m^3 PM10. The US Embassy is reporting 257 ug/m^3 PM2.5. Because PM2.5 is one component of PM10, we should expect the Embassy’s numbers to be below those reported by CNEMC, so I’d say that’s a pretty consistent result. Do I dare say “good enough for government work?”