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for readers in shanghai – new indoor air quality testing company open for business

Friday, November 26th, 2010

To any readers in Shanghai:

A good friend of mine recently launched a new company called PureLiving: Indoor Environmental Solutions:


PureLiving China is a Shanghai-based indoor environmental health and safety consulting firm focused on advising our clients on air and water quality, mold, and lead exposure issues. Within our full range of services from testing to problem resolution, our focus is on assessment, root cause analysis, and independent recommendations. We are not tied to any particular brand or type of remediation strategy, but facilitate a wide network of specialists and supervise the work on our clients’ behalf.

Readers often e-mail me with specific questions about their own personal exposure to indoor air pollution, and how to mitigate it. If you are in Shanghai and would like a professional evaluation based on international standards and someone to help solve any problems found, I strongly recommend you reach out to PureLiving China. Their website is also a good source of general information on the risks associated with indoor environmental pollution in China.

More info available at

Disclosure: PureLiving’s founder, Louie Cheng, is a close friend of mine. I have advised him from time to time on air quality-related research questions (e.g. international standards comparison), but I am not officially involved in the company in any way, and have no financial conflict of interest.