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mep website redesign and datacenter problems

Monday, November 9th, 2009

The Ministry of Environmental Protection unveiled a new Chinese website about a week or so ago.  The English version appears unchanged for now. This news would probably not be blog-worthy except that the datacenter now seems a little buggy, causing two problems:

1) The Greenpeace Beijing API widget that I have on the top right of this blog isn’t fetching daily data anymore. (I’ve been in touch with the developers and I know they are working on it.)

2) The datacenter’s query function for past air quality data doesn’t quite work right; data queries return past data different from the date range entered. I hope and presume this will be fixed soon.

After the redesign, the presentation of API on the MEP homepage is now done in the datacenter analysis format, as opposed to the old list format (still used on the English site).

new mep page

MEP org chart

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

The English-language org chart on MEP’s website is outdated, so I made a new one:

MEP Structure

Update: pdf version now hosted by CELB. (Thanks, Charlie!)

MEP Organizational Rules, translated by CELB / Squire, Sanders & Dempskey L.L.P.

Note: I translated a few items differently from the CELB/SSD document. Notably:

政策法规司, CELB/SSB translated as “Legislation Department,” but I used “Department of Policies, Laws, and Regulations”;
科技标准司, CELB/SSB translated as “Scientific and Technological Standard Department,” but I used “Department of Science, Technology, and Standards.”
环境监察局, CELB/SSB translated as “Environmental Monitoring Bureau,” but I used “Bureau of Environmental Supervision / Monitoring.”

Comments on this?

For reference, the old, outdated org chart is here.